Apr 01 , 2019

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Weights vs. Cardio

Weights vs Cardio
Choosing the right exercise to look your best and get the most out of your workouts is always a tricky decision. The debate of whether you should do weights or cardio to lose weight/hit your goals is an age-old question. We’ve picked the benefits of both to help you decide...
The Benefits:
  • Quickly burns calories and fat – great for weight loss
  • Elevates heart rate, your heart gets stronger
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Reduces risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes
You should aim for around 150- 200 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week to see the benefits.
This can be broken down into 3 x 50 minutes a week or 5 x 30 minutes a week!
What Cardio Exercises Should I be doing?

There are loads of different workouts you can do to raise your heart rate. The most popular is steady state cardio or HIIT.

Steady State Cardio
This includes: Running, swimming, brisk walk, dancing. This is for a longer amount of time usually 30-50 minutes.
Benefits of Steady State Cardio:
  • Increased endurance- helps your heart and your muscles
  • Faster recovery- less stress on the body so you can workout again the next day!
  • Workout for longer- this is usually more bearable to continue for a longer period of time

Includes: Circuit training, Sprints. This is a very high-intensity workout so can be done in a much shorter time frame - 20 minutes

Benefits of HIIT:
  • Improved Performance- HIIT helps increase stamina and will help you perform better in all your workouts
  • Burn more calories after your workout- because your body is working harder it takes a while for your body to recover meaning you burn more for an hour after your workout.
  • Shorter workouts- working harder in a short space of time, easier to fit in
Benefits of Weight Training:
  • Promotes increased fat loss – weight training boosts your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout meaning your still burning calories and fat hours later (compared to cardio where your body returns to normal about an hour after)
  • Improves shape – adds lean muscle
  • Injury prevention- muscles and connective tissue are strengthened
  • Increased bone density- weight training helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased strength – helps with your cardio sessions too!
Benefits of Combining Weights and Cardio:
  • Lose weight faster- adding the extra intensity to your workouts will improve your metabolic rate drastically. Your muscles will burn fat while you’re resting and help you burn more during your workouts!
  • More Fun! - you won’t get bored with your workout regime with so much variety in your training.
  • Improve overall health
Clearly, both have great benefits. If you are still undecided - just imagine the results you can get by adding both to your workout routine! Elite: together love to add weights and cardio to our sessions so that clients get amazing 45-minute power-packed workouts.