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Muscle building occurs when the body has undergone muscle trauma with an ample amount of androgens and amino acids on standby. Protein is broken down by the body into amino acids and supplementing your diet with protein is a sure way to meet the demands of heavy training.

Our Super Whey 100 formula has been carefully crafted by our team of nutrition experts and is made from 100% Whey Protein Concentrate which has undergone the cross-flow microfiltered process. 

Fitness enthusiasts use this product as a low carb, high protein recovery supplement and as we only use the highest grade Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) you can be confident it will deliver satisfying results.

Super Whey 100 also contains large amounts of the minor Protein fractions Lactoferrin, which has been shown to possess strong anti-microbial properties that appear to have a powerful stimulatory effect on the immune system*.

How it’s used

Mix in a shaker bottle with either water or milk.
elite Nutrition recommends 2-3 servings of Super Whey 100 daily as a supplement to a moderate/high Protein nutritional plan.

What you can expect*

Super Whey 100 can lead to impressive gains in solid muscle tissue as well as having the potential to boost health, immunity and vigour.

Who is it for?

Whey Protein Powder is undoubtedly one of the most efficient forms of protein for all athletes interested in building and maintaining an impressive, muscular physique.

*Disclaimer - supplement results vary from person to person and elite:together suggests using supplements to compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. If in doubt when considering if supplement use is suitable, please contact your GP, Doctor or Physician for advice.