elite: 10lb Challenge Fusion Upgrade


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Elite: 28 DAY CHANGE CHALLENGE is a great chance for you to achieve some amazing health and fitness results.

Expect to shed at least 10lbs or 10cm in body circumference measurements in just 4 weeks.

You will receive a diet plan telling you how to eat, whilst improving your fitness levels in a group training setting with fellow challengers.  

Elite: will support and encourage you to change your body and your mindset.

How it works:

Attend 3 Training Sessions per week from a flexible choice of classes, plus 1 "Results Session" on a Saturday.

Follow the nutritional guidance and diet plan that is included in the challenge.

Utilise the ongoing support from elite: Trainers and fellow challengers

What’s Included?

Initial weights, Frequent Results Tracking & Final Weights and Measurements

Exclusive Diet Plan

4 Training Sessions a week. 

Unlimited group, online and trainer support. 

Access to elite: Tracker.

Before and After Pictures.

Any applicants with more than 14lbs (1 Stone) to lose, will be ineligible for this challenge.  Acceptance will be at the discretion of the studio manager, who may recommend an alternative training product.