Elite: Shaker


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• Screw on lid which will stay on tight while you shake
• No leak snap on spout
• Mix & Drink in One
• Lightweight and Portable
• With Super Sealing Lids
• Quick & Easy Cleanup
• Drink-Easy Spout

How it’s used

• Simply Add Ingredients and Shake

What you can expect

• Holds 700ml of liquid.
• Plastic mesh filters to ensure perfect mixing every time
• Ice screen to keep ice from blocking the opening as you sip
• Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
• It has a large capacity and is calibrated in both Imperial and Metric measurements.

Who is it for?

• People always on the go!
• Bodybuilders
• Fitness Enthusiasts
• Anyone who hates it when their drink settles
• Anyone who doesn't have time to clean up a messy blender
• Travel, Home, Office, School, Gym, or even the Car.