Leeds (Gelderd) Reform Programme


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You must have 20lbs to lose to be eligible for this programme. 

Reform is perfect for those who understand whats needed with their own training, and are driven to smash the 6 weeks challenge, and know their journey is going to continue after the course. Successful clients will unlock a further 10 weeks training with elite which is a huge driving force for many, and a target they can realistically achieve more importantly. This course is £60 less than transform and is superb value for those willing to give it their all, what are you waiting for? 

  • 6 week fully lead fitness programme 
  • Proven, easy to follow meal plan provided
  • Full support system via locked chat group 
  • Accountability coach throughout the course
  • Weekly weigh-ins in an elite: studio by an elite trainer 
  • 10 weeks FREE evolve on your successful completion
  • Every session promises to be energetic, fun and different. 
  • Make life long friends during your time with us
  • *You also have an option that when you hit the 20lb, you can do it again free of charge, as long as terms are hit each time. 

* Free training terms

  1. You must clear your full balance by the start date. If this isn't done, your space may be 
  2. You must weigh in once a week during the Programme. If you have lost no more than 10lbs by the fifth week of the Programme, then you are not entitled to any free further training. Please note all “weigh-ins” must be conducted at our studios and recorded by one of our trainers or studio managers.
  3. We do ask you to change your profile picture to the one provided to help stick to the 6 weeks. If you do not have a Facebook account, then you will be required to create one to be involved. 
  4. You must however check in on Facebook and attend all 18 sessions at your elite: Studio. Activity included.

You’ve taken the first step

Please note any clients who are new to the company who sign up in error, your deposit will be held for a period of 14 working days. In which time you have the option to purchase a full transform or get your money back after the notice period.