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You must have 20lbs to lose to be eligible for this programme.

Included in the £228 payment for each space, a £60 service fee will be factored in, this takes into consideration a number of aspects during your time with us. This means that the refund element of the famous course will be the training fees of £168. Should you wish to roll onto further training with us (most of you do) nothing changes. The £60 fee will often be used as your deposit to secure the space. 

  • 6 week fully lead fitness
  • Proven, easy to follow meal plan provided
  • Full support system via locked chat groups
  • Accountability coach throughout the course
  • Weekly weigh-ins in an elite: studio
  • REFUNDABLE TRAINING FEES on successful completion
  • Every session promises to be different and fun
  • Make life long friends during your time with us

* Refund terms

  1. You must make your full Commitment Payment to us 14 days before the Start Date.
  2. You must weigh in once each week during the Programme. If you have lost no more than 10lbs by the fifth week of the Programme, then you are not entitled to any refund. Please note all “weigh-ins” must be conducted at our studios and recorded by one of our trainers or studio managers.
  3. Change your profile photo and cover photo to “I’m taking the elite: Challenge” which will be provided to you by no later than the Start Date. If you do not have a Facebook account, then you will be required to create one.
  4. You must check in on Facebook and attend all 18 sessions at your elite: Studio. Activity included.
  5. In order to take a refund/continuation, you must provide a written review and a 30-second video testimonial.

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